Free Web Hosting – A Neutral Perspective

To begin your journey on the Internet world, it seems a bit risky to invest any money. So, most people, who wish to build their first website, ssh websocket choose free web hosting as their startup agenda. Let’s discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages revolving around this decision.



  • You’re skeptical in the beginning and are not sure whether to invest any money on the fraud internet world, so it makes perfect sense to choose a free web host. supermoz
  • You get your personal space for free where you can test out your skills and show off. Or you could create some demo sites. Never choose free web hosting for live production sites, as they are not reliable.
  • Some free web hosts, such as 000webhost provide great security, directory24x7 reliability, and features that you only expect in paid hosting. So, you need to spend some time in searching your host. We recommend Free-WebHosts Directory, as they have a regularly updated directory of free web hosting providers and user reviews as well to help you choose.




  • Most free web hosting providers disappear with time. And their site shuts down suddenly without any warning and your entire site’s reputation built through the months, buddylinks your entire data and database is lost(So, you need to take regular backups once on free hosting), and moreover, you are stranded alone suddenly with nowhere to go. It’s a nightmare, and has happened to me a few times until I switched.
  • You should expect unwanted advertisements on your web pages which are displayed by your hosting provider. Sometimes, it gets really frustrating to see a huge banner dazzling at the top of your site. Although, nowadays, many free hosts do not display any ads on your pages. Its perfectly logical for ads display, because these hosts are providing you space on their servers, and also you are burning their bandwidth. So, they too need to pay for these services. Which they accomplish using the money they earn when people click on the ads shown on your pages. seoboost
  • You should also expect less features than paid hosting and also the loading speed of your pages will be quite slow. Some undesirable features of free webhosting are : Less Webspace, Less Bandwidth, Less/No SQL Databases, Limited Usage/No Webmail, Less/No Mail Accounts, No Cronjobs, bizfront No SSL/SSH, Less Security, Limited Support, Less Trustability
  • If you don’t have a domain name, then most probably you will be stuck with a subdomain, like, which is quite embarrassing to share with others. Even if you have your domain name, some hosts do not allow to host your domain, bizprimary you have to choose a subdomain strictly.
  • Free hosting services don’t provide any support, and if you are stuck with some problem, then you need to search out a solution yourself, or you have to be content with that problem. Support is quite essential for running a website as there are umpteen errors/doubts which might crop up, and you need someone to sort them out.


There are lots of restrictions of the type of sites you can create on free web hosting, as stated in their terms and conditions. Be sure to read the TOC, because, if you don’t abide by it, ultradir you could have your hosting cancelled permanently.

If you need to get the feel of your first website.

If you need some webspace for demo/test site that you need to create.

If you are short of cash.

If you don’t care that there are ads on your page

If you don’t care that your hosting gets shutdown suddenly

Then opt for free webhosting.

Else, directori you can get some pretty inexpensive paid hosting solutions from any web hosting review website.


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