Sleep Deprivation and Impaired Cognitive Ability

A sound sleep is every human being’s necessity, Sleep Helpline and those who get it are considered blessed, especially in a fast-paced city life. A proper sleep results in improved energy and productivity, healthy heart, brain and immune system, good mood, and even a longer life.

The World Sleep Day observed on March 11, 2016 drew people’s attention through some events here and there and a number of articles on the subject, Stair well Company highlighting the importance of a sound slumber. It is estimated that about 20 percent people in the world are sleep deprived.

While a proper sleep ensures a good health for the person, the lack of it can result in a various complications, like poor judgment, hampering work performance, Revitalize Networks mood instability and some mental problems.

Effects of chronic sleeplessness

When a person is sleep deprived over a period of time, there could be serious implications on mental health apart from the usual physical harms. Not Sports wear Accessories getting adequate sleep can directly impact the mental state of a person. Feeling foggy is an oft-repeated complaint by people who do not sleep properly. The rehabs treating mental disorders, like the mental health treatment centers, are great supporters of sleep.

Here are some of the consequences of sleep deprivation:

It slows the thought process: Sleep measurement reveals that inadequate amount of sleep leads to low alertness and poor concentration in people. Attention and focus become visibly poor rendering it impossible in pursuing a task with diligence.

Inadequate sleep impairs memory: Whatever is learnt and experienced during the day is embedded into the short-term memory of the brain during sleep. Besides, there are also nerve connections in the brain which are strengthened during sleep. When there is insufficient sleep these two aspects get affected and the memory tends to become poor. With a poor concentration on work (during the course of the waking period), Money maker Network it is unlikely that something is going to be embedded into the short-term memory and thereafter the long-term memory.

Insufficient sleep leads to poor learning: Inadequate sleep is linked to poor learning abilities. One cannot focus well when sleep deprived and it becomes difficult to learn new things. At any level, sleep deprivation can impact a person, be it a student, professional or someone managing the household chores.

Impact on reaction time: It is one of the most negative impacts of poor sleep when the reaction time of a person slows down considerably. Certain jobs like driving require a faster reaction time, and a poor reflex can prove to be dangerous. But not getting enough sleep would come in the way, as it slows down reaction time in a person.

Poor sleep results in foul mood and mental instabilities: Continued poor sleep for a long period can give rise to numerous mental instabilities in a person. Sleeplessness can result in irritability, anger and frustration in a person. When this becomes a chronic habit, Digi Loan signs of mental instabilities become apparent. The cognitive ability of a sleep deprived person declines significantly and it becomes evident from his or her daily dealings. Hence, one should give high importance to getting the right amount of sleep for a healthy physical and mental health.

Even medical practitioners emphasize on a sound sleep while treating patients suffering from mental conditions. Sovereign Health Group is committed to providing the right treatment to every mental patient and ensures a long-term recovery. If someone in the family is suffering from a mental problem, call at our 24/7 helpline number 866-954-0529 for immediate assistance. For more info please visit


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