Hot New (Old) Wedding Trend – The Groom’s Cake

There is an old saying that what is old is new again, and this certainly holds true when it comes to wedding trends. One of the hottest things going for weddings these days is the groom’s cake, Cake Labs which is actually a longstanding Southern tradition. If you are new to the concept of a groom’s cake, here is what you need to know…

The groom’s cake is a second cake, separate from the big wedding cake. The design of the cake usually comes about in one of two ways: either the groom himself will design it with the baker, or the bride will custom order the cake as a wedding surprise for her intended. Either way, Mod APK the whole point of the groom’s cake is to inject some of the groom’s personality into a wedding day that, let’s face it, is really all about the bride.

The groom’s cake is a medium sized cake that is designed to showcase the interests or hobbies of the groom. They are also often a nod to his bachelorhood that is about to be finished. For instance, Sorveglianza elettronica perhaps one of the groom’s favorite activities was to hand out and play poker with his buddies on Wednesday and Friday nights. This is not to say that once he is married that his card playing days will be coming to an end, but in all likelihood, they will not be what they once were. A fun idea for this groom would be to design a poker themed cake to serve at the reception.

Some passions of the groom that are popular themes for his cake include things like sports, fraternities, cars, and dogs. If the groom is the one deciding on the design of the cake, he might even decide to tie in his groomsmen gifts with his theme. For example, if your cake will be a mini-replica of the stadium of your favorite NFL team, then you could give your groomsmen gifts such as a personalized mug or silver can holder with the logo of the team.

In parts of the country where groom’s cakes are not traditional, brides are seizing on the idea as a way to do something special for their grooms. This is especially nice if your groom has been complaining that the wedding is all about the bride. Imagine how happy he will be to find a small cake made to look exactly like his beloved black lab prominently displayed at the reception. This is a very thoughtful way to show the groom that he is indeed more than just a formality at the wedding, and that the bride has been thinking of him all along. For more info please visit here:-

As a counterpoint to the traditional wedding cake, the groom’s cake is usually done in a rich dark cake, such as a chocolate or spice cake. This is a nice balance to the classic white cake typically used for the main wedding cake. Since the groom’s cake is going to be covered in heavy colored frosting to create the desired scene, there is virtually no limit to what type of cake you can use as a base. It should definitely be whatever flavor the groom loves most.

The great thing about the groom’s cake is that it is almost like a tiny sculpture, only done in cake and frosting. This means that you can be as creative as the skills of your baker allow. The only rule is to have fun with it. The groom’s cake is a nice way to add some levity to a wedding that is otherwise formal and serious. high ticket affiliate marketing


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