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Among the most long-running and well respected publications in America to date is Forbes. B.C. Forbes, a leading writer for Hearst Newspapers in Scotland founded Forbes Magazine in 1917. Born in Aberdeenshire Scotland, Forbes had relocated to Johannesburg South Africa and then settled in New York. He was responsible for multiple columns and performed editorial functions for Hearst for many years prior to establishing Forbes as the premier magazine for business people.

Published every two weeks, Forbes offers you more than fifty succinctly written items in each issue. The articles and items examine every aspect of business from the CEO’s and the people who work for them, forbes up to the companies themselves. Forbes is very pro-business as well as being very conservative from a political viewpoint.

Among the many business topics you will see covered in Forbes will be items that offer you insight into finances, marketing, and the science and technology of the world. You May also find insight on the industry that each company has going, new methods of communications, new places to invest, and even the tax laws that you will have to deal with in various countries around the world.

Forbes Magazine reaches out and touches more than five million readers around the globe for every issue that is published. 2007 saw the ninetieth anniversary of Forbes Magazine. Some of the highlights of Forbes Magazine are the columns that you will see. Steve Forbes who was at one point a Presidential hopeful operated a column called Fact and Comment that has hit a high note with the readers of Forbes. It runs in every issue of Forbes Magazine and garners a great deal of commentary by readers.

Some of the most interesting things that Forbes offers on a monthly or an annual basis are their top-list type articles.

Forbes brings you lists of the most wealthy people on earth, as well as the largest companies on earth. Most corporations and business people subscribe to Forbes magazine and count it as important as the Wall Street Journal to the way that they do business. They take ideas, commentary, and advice from Forbes. Investors review some of the information there to decide how best to spend their investment dollars as well as what to avoid.

Forbes, in return, reports on every important business transaction that exists on earth. There is no geat merger, no outstanding advertising campaign, no legal issue, dani-info or company hassle that you can’t find out about in Forbes Magazine. The commentary and reporting is excellent journalism that offers you insight into those who are touched by scandal or legal problems, as well as those who are exemplary in the way that they do business.

Several times some controversy has touched Forbes, most notably when they commented on the wealth of Castro, who took exception to it and told them to prove that he had more than a dollar in wealth in offshore accounts.


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